Most Liked Youtube Comment

The Most Liked YouTube Comment is the BALD GUY comment in Billie Eilish’s bad guy song in YouTube. This comment has over 3 Million likes and 500 replies! How crazy is that?! And the coolest thing is that this comment by Seth Everman is only an year old! You can go to Billie Eilish’s bad guy song and find the comment. But I warn you: it took me 54 minutes straight to scroll down and read every single comment to find the legendary Bad GUY comment!
Here is a screenshot of the most liked youtube comment
Most Liked Youtube Comment

And here is him unboxing the award he got for reaching 1M+ likes

What is the Most Liked YouTube Comment in 2021

The most liked youtube comment on Billie Eilish’s music video ‘Bad Guy’ received 2.2 million likes. The owner of the comment received an award from YouTube for getting over 1 million likes on a comment.

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