how to see mutual connections on linkedin

How to See Mutual Connections on LinkedIn: Everything you need to know about LinkedIn connections: See your competitors and conceal yours.

There was a time your contact list was in your pocket/Rolodex/telephone and that was it. But with the rise of social media, this list of people you know is often available for anybody to see.

Is this your case? Most likely, since LinkedIn default settings show everything. Do you want your competitors to know who you’re in touch with? Presumably not.

How Can You See someone’s Connections on LinkedIn?

Perhaps you have a reluctant rival whose connections you covet. How to See Mutual Connections on LinkedIn

  1. Go to the LinkedIn profile page of the person whose connections you want to see.
  2. Locate the “X connections” in the fundamental section of their profile. In the event that it is a link, click on it.
  3. Browse their contacts. LinkedIn takes you to a search results page. Use filters to searching the connections want to see..

There is no link!

That means your target has fortunately hidden their connections. You now have 2 options:

✅ If you are not connected to this person, you might still get an opportunity. Some people have made their connections only available to their connections. In the event that that’s an option, you can connect to that person with your (or someone else’s) account to see their connections.

❌ If you are already connected to this person, game over, you can’t access the connections.

They have more than 1000 connections, I can’t see everyone.

LinkedIn allows you access to 100 pages. At 10 profiles per page, that’s a maximum of 1000 profiles you can browse. In the event that you want to have to see more than the first 1000 connections displayed, of course, use the filters.

On the upper right-hand side, you’ll see “All Filters,” where you can make a concentrated search within this profile’s connections.

how do you search someone’s connections on LinkedIn?

How to See Mutual Connections on LinkedIn: Scroll down their profile page to see the people that have endorsed their skills or recommended them – these are likely valuable connections for you as well. Regardless of how ruthlessly private your pseudo-nemesis might be, you can always see your mutual connections.

They will know you visited their profile

Remember that by browsing their contacts, you will trigger a “John Doe visited your profile”- type notification. On the off chance that that’s an issue, use a friend’s or associate’s LinkedIn account.

How to protect your LinkedIn connections from being stolen by competitors

Click the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn page and select “Settings and Privacy”.

Find the Visibility tab in your settings

Change it to “Only you” for maximum privacy

how to see mutual connections on LinkedIn without them knowing

Good Job Done! By taking the time to audit your privacy settings, you protected your organization and yourself from espionage.

A couple of things to remember:

Regardless of the setting you select, your 1st degree connections can always see mutual connections

You cannot selectively determine who gets to see your connections: it’s everyone or no one.

How Can You Export Your Competitor’s Connections to Excel or any other Spreadsheet

Let’s go one step further and save all (or part) of your competitors’ LinkedIn connections. Whether you’re intending to sell to or employ some of these people, this data is safest on your hard drive or CRM. You can do exactly that with our LinkedIn Search Export Phantom.

Sign up for Phantombuster. You can do this extraction for free using the free trial.

Add LinkedIn Search Export to your Dashboard.

Connect your LinkedIn account through the browser extension.

Give the URL of the page where your competitor’s connections are displayed as input for your Phantom. It should seem as though something like this:

Save and click on “Launch”

Phantombuster will browse LinkedIn for your benefit and extract all the connections in the URL you specified (and following pages).

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Was this article help you? Extracting LinkedIn contacts and connections is just the start of your sales automation venture. Let us know in the comments beneath what you did with your extraction and inspire others!

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