how to make $100k as a web developer

How to make $100k as a web developer? Try to do as many projects as possible. This does not mean $5 projects.
10 of $10k projects per year will do. It’s not that hard. at least after the first 3 projects. Here is how to do it.

Make your code reusable – The more reusable modules the better. So you can minimize the time consumed for each project by using the code you already have then typed the whole thing again.

Aim one industry – The work can be done much faster and efficiently once you have enough experience in a specific field (Education, Healthcare, eCommerce, etc). You will find the most of the projects are kind of similar therefore you will save lots of time in research.

Go for Fixed budget projects – Therefore you can land on the payment no matter how much time you spent.

Make use of available resources – There are great open-source tools you can use in several areas of development. Themes, Plugins, CMSs, etc, etc. Use these resources to your advantage.

Notice everything above is about saving time? Yes, Time is Money. Find more ways to save more time so you can complete more projects per year. When you find more ways to save time, please also let me know.

How to Make 100k Dollars As a Web Developer Fast

How to Make $100k As a Web Developer? Do you know how to create websites & blogs? Do you know web designing or graphic designing? Want to earn money working from home? If you can create websites or know web/graphic design, you can start working as a freelance Graphic Designer or Web Developer.

How to Make $100k As a Web Developer? Don’t know how to create websites? You can still earn money creating websites if you are willing to put in a few days learning the basics of creating simple websites and blogs.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to start as a freelance web developer or freelance web designer, and earn money working from your home. As this website is focused on India, the tutorial is customized for those looking to work from home as freelance web developers. The basics are the same for everyone else. So, you can use the tips to start working from anywhere on the globe.

How Much Does a Freelance Web Developer Earn?

You want to work as a freelance web developer and want to know how much a freelance developer working from India earns. There cannot be one fixed amount for the income of web developers. It’s all about how much work can you source. If you are working for clients from developed countries, you can expect better income as you get paid in US dollars and clients are more accommodating in terms of payments for the work. You can find freelance web developers earning meager income if they are not good at sourcing business.

In general, an Indian freelance web developer would be earning $25,00 to $30,00 per month. One small website project can get you $1000 onwards. If the client is from a developed country such as the US, you can get $250-1,000 per project for standard websites. If you can find two-three US clients each month, you can easily expect $3000 to $5000 onwards in monthly revenue. There are people who started out as freelance web developers and ended up founding their own companies. If you can source a good volume of work, the sky is the limit.

How to Work as a Freelance Web Developer?

How to Make $100k As a Web Developer? Before we start how to actually look for freelance web design and web development work in India, let us understand the basic requirements and knowledge required for this online work from India. We will then see how to find work as a freelance web designer or web developer in India. The process is fairly simple and even a total novice can start working within a week. You should be able to get your first online income as a web developer.

Step 1: Learn Skills Required for Web Developer

How to Make $100k As a Web Developer? A web developer is required to create and maintain websites (which also includes blogs, eCommerce stores, etc). For working as a freelance web developer, you must have basic knowledge and understanding of at least some of the following:

  • Basic HTML & CSS
  • Content Management System (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal)
  • Blogging Platform (WordPress)
  • For working as a web developer, you need to know how to create a website. There are software tools, known as content management system or CMS, for creating and maintaining websites on the web.

As WordPress is the most popular CMS on the Web, you must know how to install WordPress on a web server, and how to use WordPress to create and manage websites and blogs. If you are scared, don’t be. Simply go to the WordPress Codex website and start reading. You will be competent enough to start creating and managing WordPress websites in no time. You can also go through various other WordPress learning resources available for free on the Internet.

WordPress will allow you to quickly & easily start creating and maintaining the most common types of websites on the Internet. You will be able to create stunning websites without knowing HTML/CSS or any previous exposure to web development. With the use of WordPress themes and plugins, you can easily change the look of the websites and add custom features. Learn how to install WP themes and plugins in WordPress websites and blogs.

You won’t be the best web developer out there with a basic understanding of WordPress alone, but you will be adequately skilled to create the websites that your prospective clients need. That’s good enough for us to start working as freelance web developers.

Learn how to register a domain name (via Godaddy, Net4, Namecheap), and know-how to purchase web hosting (try reliable hosting providers such as Bluehost, Net4, Hostgator, etc). You can buy hosting and register a domain for your client from the same provider.

Familiarise yourself with how to link an existing domain to a web hosting server by changing the Name Server details, which is the IP address of the webserver machine that maintains the records about the location of your website. Then learn how to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) clients such as FileZilla. Also, learn how to use web hosting cPanel to manage files on your web server.

Once you can create basic websites using WordPress, you can then continue learning HTML & CSS via online resources such as Optionally, learn how to work with other content management systems such as Joomla & Drupal. If you want, you can continue learning more web scripts such as jQuery to grow as a web developer.

Step 2: How to Find Freelance Web Development Work?

How to Make $100k As a Web Developer? Confident enough with the process of creating and maintaining basic websites and blogs? It’s time to start working as a web developer.

Get your own website as a web design and development freelancer. Why? You will need a website to add credibility to yourself as a professional. You cannot afford to be a web developer who doesn’t have her own website. Use WordPress to create a stunning and elegant professional portfolio website.

Before you start offering your service as a professional web development freelancer, take up real web development work on a trial basis. Ask your family, friends, and acquaintances if you could offer them a FREE website development. Let them pay for the cost of web hosting and domain only. Complete the work and rejoice.

Once you have created a real live website for a third party, you are ready to take a real, paid assignment for web development as a freelancer. How to find work as a freelance web developer or web designer in India?

As a freelance web developer, you have basically two types of sources for finding work:

  • Online websites, forums & groups
  • Offline networking & advertising
  • How to find freelance web development work online? Almost every web developer looks for online sources of finding freelance web development assignments.

Freelancing websites such as Upwork & Freelancer are the most popular platform among freelancers looking for work. On these platforms, people post their web development & web design work/jobs. As a freelancer, you express your interest in taking up the work through bidding. The employer then looks through the bids and the profile of the freelancer and hires the one that meets their requirements in terms of price and quality. It is a difficult task for a total newbie to get awarded freelance web development assignments on such freelancing websites.

Use Micro Job Sites to Make Fast Money as Web Developer

Fiverr is another online platform to find low-paying web development tasks. Here service providers publish their work gigs for potential clients to find them. You can start by offering WordPress installation service, WordPress blog set-up and optimization service, and other similar gigs here. Check out the gigs of other freelancers in the relevant categories to learn what types of gigs are in highest demand and with maximum buyers. Publish your own gig on similar lines. Make sure that your gig post looks good and offers good value to potential buyers.

Facebook groups are another avenue to find work online. There are several web design and development groups related to India (and other countries). Join such groups and stay active. People often post their web development work requirements here. Respond to these group postings and see if you can impress a potential client.

As you will realize soon, the online space is crowded and highly competitive. You, as a newbie web developer, might not be able to win any clients here. What is the right option for you as a beginner freelance web developer? Search for clients offline, in the real world around you.

Start looking for freelance web development projects by letting all your friends and acquaintances know that you have started working as a freelancer offering web development services. Ask for references.

In addition, you should also reach out to potential customers in your local market.

One of the ways would be to post your service in local online classifieds directories such as JustDial, IndiaMart, Olx, and Quikr. All of these have free options, which you should use extensively to find local customers.

Advertise in your local market using handbills.

How to Make $100k As a Web Developer? Get your web development business some hand-out brochures. Create an elegant single-page brochure with the details and pricing of your web development service. Get some copies (100 copies should be a good start) of the brochure printed using a cheap printing service in your neighborhood. You can use Black & White prints without having to go for expensive color prints. Alternatively, you can get professional printers to design and print your brochure. Make sure that you keep distributing these handbills to your target customer base. You can visit and hand the brochure personally. Alternatively, slide the brochures under the doors while the business enterprises are closed (early morning should be fine).

Try approaching professionals and businesses in your neighborhood and city. Let them know the advantages of having a business website, and ask them if they would like to get one. Some potential clients are architects, dress boutiques, salons, photographers, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. You can offer your service as a free trial in the beginning to build trust.

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