how to heal pokemon in pokemon go

How to Heal Fainted Pokemon in Pokemon Go

How to Heal Pokemon in Pokemon GO: There are two key differences between healing in Pokemon GO and healing in other Pokemon titles:

  • Pokemon no longer have status conditions
  • Pokemon cannot be healed between rounds in trainer battles.

How to Heal All Your Pokemon in Pokemon Go

How to Heal Pokemon in Pokemon GO: So, while Roselia can no longer sustain the constant burned condition eating away at its heal, it also can’t return to the battle once its foe knocks it down. This latter rule doesn’t apply to raids, however, as trainers can choose to revive their fainted teammates and rejoin the fray if their party is all knocked out. Within these guidelines, any combination of healing is permitted.

In order to heal Pokemon, trainers will need to have either potion or revives–or both, depending on the condition of the Pokemon. These will be stocked in their inventory, accessible via an Items tab on the main pop-up menu, and should be clearly labeled.

Potions can be used to heal a single injured Pokemon who has not fainted or has just been revived. There are four types of potions to mimic the variety found in the larger games:

  • Potion—Restores 15 HP
  • Super Potion—Restores 50 HP
  • Hyper Potion—Restores 200 HP
  • Max Potion—Restores all HP

Meanwhile, Pokemon GO only has two types of revives: standard and Max. Both will restore a Pokemon from fainting, but standard Revives only heal half the Pokemon’s maximum health while a Max Revive brings them to full health.

How Do You Heal Pokemon in Pokemon Go

How Do You Heal Pokemon in Pokemon GO: Tough battles require trainers to learn how do you heal Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

How to Heal Pokemon in Pokemon GO: Healing in Pokemon GO differs greatly from its mainstream series predecessors. In order to make the mechanic work, Niantic Labs had to streamline the process by both removing some aspects and adding a few restrictions. This can make it a bit confusing for new trainers trying to switch over to the popular augmented reality title. Fortunately, keeping one’s Pokemon in fighting shape is much more simple than it appears.

Low-level trainers may not be able to find higher-tier healing items until later in the game. Super Potions, Hyper Potions, and Max Potions only unlock at levels 10, 15, and 25, respectively. Max Revives don’t become available until level 30.

How to make Pokemon recover health in Pokemon Go

This is one of the questions we are asked most in our Facebook group dedicated to Pokemon Go. We have ascertained that in order to restore the health of Pokemon, at present, the only possible method is to use potions and how-to-revitalize them.

In particular: the potion will make you recover 20% of the PS (health points) of the pokemon you are healing, while the revitalizing will make you recover 50% of the pokemon’s health points.

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Why doesn’t the pokemon naturally recover its health points over time? We’ve asked ourselves this question several times, and we’ve come to the conclusion that the game Pokemon Go app is still particularly unripe and that future updates will most likely introduce the possibility of making Pokemon Health Points recover by keeping them at rest.

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