how to become a software tester with no experience

How to Become a Good Software Tester without Experience? Software testing is a continuously growing field as it’s an essential part of the software industry. Whenever new software is launched then it is tested from different aspects to measure the success of the software.

If you’re thinking to become a software tester then it’s a great idea. In the software testing field, you will get lots of opportunities to make your career. Moreover, the demand for a software tester is growing day by day.

But to become a successful software tester you have to follow the path step by step with passion, motivation, and dedication.

What is software testing?

Software testing is a widely used method to verify the actual working of the system with the expected results. Software testing helps in identifying errors, defects, and requirement gaps to fulfill the wishes of the client.

What does a software tester do?

how to become a software tester with no experience? They are Quality Assurance and Quality control, people that check the functioning of the system by checking the outputs and matching with the new one. A software tester is involved in each part of the bug cycle and the software development life cycle.

How do I Become a Good Software Tester?

  • To Become a good software tester first thing you need to do is choose a relevant degree or course.
  • No doubt without the degree you can also become a software tester but many IT industries hire only students who have completed their graduation with the relevant course. How to become a software tester with no experience.
  • Apart from IT jobs, there are some other industries like freelancing here you can work without a degree but you must have practical software testing skills.
  • Now choose the relevant degree and take your first step towards a software tester job.
  • You will get theoretical and a little bit of practical knowledge in your college or university.
  • But only theoretical knowledge is not enough to get a good job in software testing.
  • For this, you have to learn practical concepts of software testing means how to perform software testing and what tools are required to perform.
  • Now the question is how you can learn software testing?
  • Learning software testing is not a difficult process and you can learn it from your comfort zone.
  • There are lots of online websites and youtube channels that will help you to understand the world of software testing.
  • But if you want a step by step course then purchase an online software testing course.
  • These courses will help you to learn software testing and they will also provide you with software testing certifications.
  • Certification will put a positive impact on the interviewer and help you to land your first software testing job.
  • These are just a few steps for how to become a software tester. But if you want to know complete step by step then here it is.

What Skills Are Required in A Good QA Tester?

  1. Critical thinking: A good QA tester should have critical thinking ability. He should know what is expected from the product and should be able to test the product accordingly. The tester should be able to build many ‘what-if’ scenarios to validate that the software works in all conditions.
  2. Flexibility: QA tester is expected to be flexible in terms of knowledge and testing ability. If the project demands manual testing tester should be able to perform it and if the project demands automation testing, the tester should be able enough to use the testing tool and perform automated testing.
  3. Quick to learn: As the technology is growing the demand for software testing is also increasing, therefore tester should have the ability to learn fast and execute fast.
  4. Collaboration: A good tester should also be a good team player and should have the capability to work efficiently and in close collaboration with large teams or cross-functional teams. There might arise situations of confusion and conflicts in an organization if the tester is not a good team player.
  5. Proficiency in a programming language:

a. Testers are expected to know various programming languages to be able to work on various projects. The most common programming languages that a tester should know are Python, Java, Ruby, C#, PHP, etc. How to become a software tester with no experience

  1. Reporting Skills: Reporting is not just stating the status of the test – Successful or unsuccessful, rather it should be a detailed document stating every detail about the test.
Technical Skills Required for Software Tester

For manual testing jobs, it’s mandatory to have:

  • Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle
  • Knowledge of Software Test Life Cycle
  • Defect Management
  • Microsoft Excel with formulas, pivot tables, and charts

For manual testing jobs, it’s good to have:

  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration tools
  • Creating batch files in Windows OS
  • VB scripting

For automation testing, it’s mandatory to have:

  • Knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Core Java (Basics + File I/O)
  • VB scripting
  • JUnit/TestNG
  • Maven
  • HTML & CSS
  • Chrome DevTools

For automation testing, it’s good to have:

  • Knowledge of web services
  • One or two automation frameworks – TestNG hyrbid driven, SerenityBDD, etc.
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Appium

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