Chegg Expert Login

Follow the steps for Chegg Expert Login-

Create account on this site

Link to create account :

There are many options Like

  • Direct Creation From Email Id
  • You can log in with an apple facebook or google account


After Account creation

Login With This Link for Question/ Answer Section:

And now you are at the right place.


Instruction to work on Q&A board

· Open the website

· Login with your Login ID and Password

· Please use this link after you’re logged in — or link directly if you do not see “Answer Questions

· Then you have to click “ Start answering Questions “


How do I answer questions in Chegg and earn money?


You have to pass the subject test you’re interested in. Then another test of rules and regulations provided by Chegg. After you get your engagement letter you can answer by logging into Chegg Expert Login

There you’ll find questions in your dashboard and do questions that you’re confident about. Right answers will give you a 100% CF score. Wrong answers or any other illegible forms of answers can affect your score since it is rated 1–5 according to the credibility of your answer. You’ll get paid only for the answers above a rating of 3. Rating is given by combining COMIS score and likes or dislikes of your answer by a student. Just follow the rules and you can expect a 100% score and increase your points.


You first need to register. Then there will be an online exam for 15–20 mins. After which you will be selected as an expert on the subject you have applied for. After that, you will be given Chegg Expert Login details like a user id and password and can see questions on your portal. For every question, you will get 2 hours to answer. You can use pictures also or type. Then after a month your answered are reviewed and marks by professionals.


Does Chegg pay their experts on time?


I am working as a Chegg expert Login in biology, I am disappointed with the payment system of Chegg. It not uniformly credited to everyone. If some people get it on time, others won’t. As I am writing this post on 15th of March, I haven’t got the payment of about 14k which I was expecting today. Usually, payment is credited on 13,14,15, of a month, but some have got the payment and so many haven’t got it yet. So the payment system is below average.

EDIT: (7 May 2020) if you read my above paragraph you can understand that I was pretty disappointed with Chegg’s payment system. But if I don’t say this now since I got a larger number of views to my answer, it would be an unloyal attitude from me. My 1st answer was posted after 2 months of working with Chegg after completing two payment cycles. I got these two payments correctly (small amounts) but the 3rd one was about 14k. So I was really looking forward to getting that amount in my bank account. When it delayed I was totally frustrated. Also, I became skeptical that Chegg was trying not to give me a salary when it was a big amount, but made me work by giving me 1st two small amounts in time. But the truth after working for more than a year at Chegg is that Chegg is the best online work on the internet in my opinion. I have done many online works on the internet, but nothing is comparable to Chegg. The knowledge you can achieve via teaching is just incredible. The payment rates are also high for a single question. There are top online Chegg experts Login in to Chegg who earns above 3 lacs. There is TBS which can be done by experts to earn even more. Chegg provides awesome bonuses on top of the high rate per question. Coming to the payment system, I’m not even concerned about when Chegg pays me because I am damn sure that payment will in my bank account. Don’t worry about the date, Chegg will 100% pay you, within 20th. The flexibility of working on Chegg is perfect. U can work day or night, as per your preference. I used to work in a bread company for 300/- for 8 hours in the intense heat & hardship of the bread factory. Now I can earn up to 1k per day in my room chilling with a drink if I am willing to work for 5hours per day. Even solving 5 questions per day can earn me 15k/month (bonus not included). So if you are thinking about online work that really pays you & you need work independence, go for Chegg. It’s really amazing. Thank you.



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