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Best Hands on Activities for Math


E Learning for Kindergarten Introduce to the gorgeous, exciting, beautiful best hands on activities for math that only professionals see. What’s truly astounding is that it’s accessible, even for kids ages six to ten. We think that if more kids had a chance to play with a wider world of math, there would be far more math enthusiasts in the world. Most people think you learn math by climbing a sort of ladder: first addition, then subtraction, then multiplication, then fractions, and so on. In fact, math is much more like a tree. There are many different areas of math that require only a basic foundation. Plenty of this lovely and woefully ignored math doesn’t require any previous knowledge. It’s accessible to everyone, if they only knew it existed.

Hands on Math Activities For Middle School Students

Readers of this book may ask, “How is this math?” Kids cut and tape and sew and color. They imagine walking over bridges, reproducing the same problem that spawned an entire field of mathematics. They draw enormous shapes in parking lots. It may not look like math because there are whole chapters with no pencils or memorization or calculators—but we assure you, the math you’re about to encounter is much closer to what actual mathematicians do. Mathematicians play. They come up with interesting questions and investigate possible solutions.

Elementary Hands On Math Teaching Ideas

This results in a lot of dead ends, but mathematicians know that failure provides a great chance to learn. In this book, you’ll have a chance to think like a mathematician and experiment with a given idea to see what you can discover. That approach of just fiddling around with a problem and seeing what falls out is an extremely common and useful technique that mathematicians employ. You will get a lot of learning to just try something—anything—and seeing what develops is a great skill for math, science, engineering, writing, and, well, life!This is your opportunity, your gateway, into little-known worlds of math.

How to Use This Hands on Activities for Math Book

The chapters of this book can be worked in any order. Occasionally a chapter refers to a method learned in a different chapter, but there is always a workaround in case you haven’t done the other chapter yet. Within a chapter, we recommend working labs in the order given, as earlier labs often develop knowledge or tools you’ll use in later labs within the same chapter.All of the material in this book has been successfully play-tested by six- to ten year-olds. Much of the material should be interesting to middle school, high school, and adult students. There are cases where older kids will be able to try a more advanced technique and younger kids will do something easier, or may need a little help. Their results will be surprisingly close. 

Younger kids may need assistance with certain labs (tying knots, threading needles, cutting with scissors, etc.).

Hands on Activities for High School Math

Each chapter introduction contains a Think About It question. The question is always related to the chapter’s content and is meant to be played with before reading the rest of the chapter. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with the topic before we’ve introduced any formal concepts. 

Maths Hands On Activities for Kids in Grade 1 to 8th Grade

Sometimes we come back to the Think About It problem within the chapter and answer it directly. Sometimes we don’t. (In that case, if you’re curious, check the Hints and Solutions section at the end of the book.) In general, we hope students will have time to experiment and not just race through each lab. Real math is so much more about curiosity and experimentation than most people realize.
Some chapters have Try This! problems that cover additional or more advanced material relating to the chapter. We provide hints for most of the Try This! problems either as the problem is stated or in the Hints and Solutions section at the end of the book.

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